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Aquatic Feed extruder for crab, fish and shrimp 03

Offer title:Aquatic Feed extruder for crab, fish and shrimp 03
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Production range:
Floating fish feed and sinking fish feed;
Feed for marine fish (such as the clown fish, tilapia fish etc. ),
freshwater fish feed (such as catfish, carp fish etc. ),
ornamental fish food (such as goldfish, red parrot etc. ), shrimp feed etc.
The details of production line:
Product line: SPH 65, 70, 90, 100, A 100B, 120
Process: the high temperature and high pressure extrusion
Net weight: 2~10MT
Machine power: 22--315 KW
Voltage: can be customized according to the requirements of voltage in different countries.
Output: 100~7000 KG/H
Finished products: diameter: 0. 8-14mm, can according to your request for die design;
The floating particles in water: can be maintained for at least 72 hours;
Sinking particles: shape can be maintained for about 3 hours in the water;
(particle moisture content: about 20%-25%; the oil content 30%)
Certification: CE certification, ISO certification

Modern fish feeds are made by grinding and mixing together ingredients such as fishmeal, vegetable proteins and binding agents such as wheat. Water is added and the resulting paste is extruded through holes in a metal plate. The diameter of the holes sets the diameter of the pellets, which can range from less than a millimetre to over a centimetre. As the feed is extruded it is cut to form pellets of the required length. The pellets are dried and oils are added. Adjusting parameters such as temperature and pressure enables the manufacturers to make pellets that suit different fish farming methods, for example feeds that float or sink slowly and feeds suited to recirculation systems. The dry feed pellets are stable for relatively long periods, for convenient storage and distribution. Feeds are delivered in bulk, in large bagsusually one tonne, or in 25 kilogram bags.

SPH65 (DRY ) 100KW 120-150KG 15*2. 5*4M
SPH70 (DRY ) 120KW 200-350KG 16*2. 5*4M
SPH70 (WET ) 100KW 350-500KG 27*2. 5*4M
SPH90 (WET ) 210KW 1-2TPH 39*2. 5*6M
SPH100A (WET ) 420KW 2-3TPH 39*2. 5*6M
SPH100B (WET ) 500KW 3-4TPH 43*2. 5*8M
SPH120 (WET ) 600KW 5-6TPH 55*2. 5*8M

Complete Extrusion System Flowchart:

SPH series high efficiency twin screw extruder introduction(real machine picture below:)

The extruder with an exchangeable and hydraulically adjustable die is an advancement of the Qidong annular gap expander. The user-friendly and flexible plant is available in different sizes. Many parameters can be influenced to obtain an optimum product quality:

Starch is modified by 90 %

The device can be used for feeds for all animal species

High water absorption capacity

High fat contents of up to 30 % for high energy feed are possible

Different product shapes are possible

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