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Franchio I.C.

Company name:Franchio I.C.
Main industry:Energy, Electricity & Environment
Address:Suite 12, Emmanuel Plaza, 36 Alcon, WOJI 500007. Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
City:Port Harcourt
Area:Rivers State
Mobile phone:+2349038452602
Website: http://www.ficaeibc.com
e-mail:please login to see this company e-mail
Contact person:(Prince) Francis Chibuike Ofoije
Updated:2018-01-11 13:45:29 UTC
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Franchio I.C. is a global business development and foreign direct investment consultants, an economic events project development, advanced trade development research and economic development fostering collaborative applied economic consultancy service provider. We combine technical expertise, institutional experience and global perspectives to steer evidence-based decision-making on carefully selected issues.
We envision a world in which Africa ‘leapfrogs’ its way to progress through transformational ideas that are reshaping world markets through our organization effort.
Franchio I.C. brings together leading experts and recognized authorities, with emphasis on global business in Africa. Our experts are at the forefront of their fields providing up-to-date analysis and high-quality research on topical issues.
Through a structured public-private platform, Franchio I.C. devises strategies and solutions to help global companies interested to extending her world-wide business presence to Africa.
Franchio engages global experts and institutional partners who are top influencers in government, industry stakeholders and civil society groups.
Our strategic consulting arm delivers top-notch services bolstered by extensive cross-market knowledge and access to global networks of African based investment and business opportunities.
We collaborate with the international business community to spur sustainable economic growth, promote good governance, social development and consistent economic policies for the benefit of all stakeholders in the African project.
Franchio provider services such as foreign direct investment for different Nigerian States, economic partnership between Nigeria and the America, Australia, Asian, Canada and the European nations in the international trade, new market development, Joint Venture Partnership between foreign and local companies, Registration of companies, Processing of operational permit, Work and residency permits, Provision of warehouse, Office, Residential Accommodation, Product branding, Product development, Marketing development and Market research for foreign companies and investors desiring to extending their world-wide business presence to the Nigerian economy and we are located in the city of Port Harcourt, known as the oil and gas capital of Africa and the Hydrocarbon center of Nigeria.

Nigeria remains the toast of global investors in Africa, Nigeria is the biggest market and the largest economy in Africa and the economy are growing faster than any other in Africa, coherent and credible. Another factor is the availability of clients from all over the Nigerian economy. The World Bank in its recent release confirmed that this is the reason why many foreign companies from the Asia, Europe and North America are seriously moving into the Nigerian market for the enormous quick returns on investment because Nigeria has become the number one in terms of population of almost 200 million people and the GDP of the whole of Africa and the largest in terms of revenue generated.

Our cost estimate is very conservative and usually subject to negotiation.

We are the organizer of the upcoming 3rd edition of the Africa – European Investment and Business Conference 2018 to be held from the 21st – 22nd March, 2018 at Nicon Luxury, Abuja, Nigeria.
Furtherance, we have speaking/paper presentation, sponsorship and advertisement opportunities still available.

For your registration and participation payment log on to the website for details: www.ficaeibc.com

The AEIBC 2018 is a platform aimed at facilitating import & export, trade development, investment in critical business sectors, creating new market for your products/services and strengthening diplomatic ties among participating countries.
AEIBC 2018 is a prestigious annual investment & business conference and exhibition designed specifically: (1) to promote and facilitate international trade between the Americas, European, Asia, UAE, with Africa, (2) to facilitate foreign direct investment in Africa and, (3) to provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets. The 2018 edition is projected to gather 2000-plus key economic players from more than 70 countries including government delegations, high-profile African leaders, project developers and international investors. AEIBC 2018 is an Africa-European global investment and business event covering over 16 economic and natural resources sectors.

Once again, our company, Franchio I.C. is open to be a service provider to your companies, thank you.


(Prince) Francis C. Ofoije
Franchio I.C.
Suite 12, Emmanuel Plaza
36 Alcon Road, Woji 50007
Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.
Tel: +2349038452602
Mobile: +2348023784665
E-mail: franchio.group@yahoo.com
Website: www.ficaeibc.com

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