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Affiliate program

Please choose one of our programs:

Affiliate One - We pay for registration

We pay you 10% for every visitor who enters our page from yours and buy premium account.

Information, that visitor entered our page from yours is saved in cookie. It's valid for one year. If in this one year visitor choose to register on GBC portal, and he choose to buy premium account you will automaticaly receive 10% of the sum spent by him after we get the money. In every moment you can check your account on GBC portal and get your money, at least 100$ in one transfer.

Affiliate Two - Sell accounts

You buy accounts in 5-packs or 10-packs at premium price, and sell them to other users.

It's up to you to choose a method to sell GBC portal premium membership. You can use direct marketing like phone calls, mail, or be present at international trade fairs.
You can be choosen to become our partner for selected country, region or continent. This means that you will be the one and only our affiliate in this region, without any competitors. However to achive it you need to be fast, before others take your place!

Which program should you choose? That depends on your business model. If you have good and prospering website about business, with many visitors daily, you should probably choose first option. If you plan to sell directly, Affiliate Two will be much better option. It is also fully possible to use both options at once!

In order to register to affiliate program, please register your company first on Global Business Center portal. If you want to use affiliate account only, you may check the option "Do not show my company to other GBC users". After registration please login to your account. Then you will be able to activate GBC Affiliate Program.

register to Affiliate Program now!